Please note that currently Solar is in a beta stage and it shouldn’t be used in production environments.

We also recommend testing Solar using a vagrant where fully working development environment will be created.

If you want to try Solar outside Vagrant jump to Local environment

Local environment

If you want to test Solar locally you may install it via pip:

pip install solar

Create solar configuration solar_config file and paste following data:

solar_db: sqlite:////tmp/solar.db

and set path to this configuration:

export SOLAR_CONFIG_OVERRIDE=<full/path/solar_config>

For more information about configuration see our FAQ questions: here.

You also need to download Solar resources and add them to a Solar repository.

git clone

sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/solar/repositories
sudo chown -R <your_user_name> /var/lib/solar/

solar repo import -l solar-resources/resources/
solar repo import -l solar-resources/templates/

Next step is to start Solar orchestration worker.