Why nodes/transports have hardcoded keys, ips and other inputs ?

This is temporary situation, we will improve it in near future.

I want to use different SSH keys

Just update resource for example:

solar resource update ssh_transport1 '{"key": "/path/to/some/key"}'

I want to use passwords not keys

Just update resource:

solar resource update rsync1 '{"password": "vagrant", "key": null}'


You need to change it for all transport resources (ssh and rsync by default).

How can I run solar worker ?

  • If you use vagrant then you can just sudo start solar-worker

as vagrant user.

How can I configure solar ?

There are several places where we search for config values:

  1. .config file in CWD or in path from SOLAR_CONFIG env variable

2. if env SOLAR_CONFIG_OVERRIDE contains valid path then it override previous values 3. .config.override in CWD 4. You can also set upper-cased env variable which matches one of those in config

What database can I use with solar ?

By default for simplicity we use sqlite. On our vagrant environment we use single node riak. You can also use multiple nodes riak, with some strong consistent buckets.

Where can I find solar examples ?

Example resources, composer templates and examples itself are located: https://github.com/Mirantis/solar-resources