Transports are used by Solar to communicate with managed nodes. Transports are also resources, so they have all resources features and flexibility. Transports should be added to a node, but if you need you can add different transports for different resources.

How it works

Each resource in solar has a random transports_id generated, when resources are connected to each other. Solar will ensure that correct transport_id is used. Then using this transport_id a correct real value is fetched. Changing transports contents will not cause resource.update action for related resources.

Sync transport

This transport uploads required information to target node.

Currently there are following sync transports available:

  • ssh
  • rsync
  • solar_agent
  • torrent

Ssh host key checking

Solar wont disable strict host key checking by default, so before working with solar ensure that strict host key checking is disabled, or all target hosts added to .ssh/known_hosts file.

Example of .ssh/config

Host 10.0.0.*
  StrictHostKeyChecking no

Run transport

This transport is responsible for running commands on remote host.

Currently there are following run transports available:

  • ssh
  • solar_agent

BAT transport

A transport that will automatically select best available transport (BAT) that is available for a given resource. Currently it’s default transport in the system, so when you add more transports, everything should configure automatically.