Resource Repository

Resource Repository takes care about Resource definitions and it supports versioning.

Solar CLI supports following options:

add       Adds new resource to repository
contains  Checks if `spec` is in Solar repositories
destroy   Destroys repository
import    Imports repository to Solar
remove    Removes `spec` from Solar repositories
show      Shows all added repositories, or content of repository when `-r`
update    Updates existing repository with new content

Resource Repository spec

spec is in format {repository_name}/{resource_name}:{version_info}, version_info is optional if omitted, latest (highest) will be used. Versions are in Semantic Versioning <> format. You can also use >, >=, ==, <, <= operators to specify matches.

Resource Repository import

Command solar repository import it allows you to import existing repository or directory with resources into your system. It will traverse source path copy all resources definitions into repository and obviously proper structure will be automatically created.


You may also check –link option to this command. It will just link repository contents so to import you need to have proper structure before.

Resource Repository update

Command solar repository update will update repository content with new data. With –overwrite flag it will overwrite conflicting resources definitions.